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Intelligent design

     Hello! I just wanted to quick say thank you for reading my blog. I'm looking forward to doing ministry throughout my life, and writing things on here is one way I can practice expressing my thoughts on ministry and apologetics. If you read this and have any questions, or any ideas for future things I could write about, feel free to comment your thoughts below. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy!      Being a Christian who is constantly around other Christians is pretty easy, but sometimes it leaves us unprepared for conversations with people who have no belief in God whatsoever. I've heard many people say , “Oh God’s not real. There’s no proof that he exists. Christians only believe in Him based on blind faith” If you’re someone who holds your faith in Jesus as important in life, hearing comments that belittle your faith like this can really hurt. How can we as Christians respond to doubt and disbelief in the world? Are people right when they say there’s no tangible proof