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Our need and God's plan

     In the first post I uploaded I focused on two points: God has to exist because creation can’t exist without him, and we are accountable to God because he created us.  But why did God create us? And why is the world we live in now so full of evil and suffering? First off, God didn’t create us because he needed us. Simply put, he created us for his pleasure ( God created us in His own image to expand his glory through us, not because he was lacking in anything.  God is a personal God and he created beings which he could have a personal relationship with, however, he recognized that any relationship would be meaningless unless humans chose to have a relationship with Him, so he gave us free will, the ability to choose whether to live in relationship with Him and follow him or to not follow him and go our own way. God created us to love him and rule with him, but he doesn’t force us to; we have a choice.  You’ve most likely heard the story of Adam and Eve but to sum

The reality of God

        Hello! Welcome to my first post! My purpose for this blog is to talk about truth and what our response should be to important truths. The biggest truth that has had a tremendous impact on my life is the truth of Christianity. I’ve centered my whole life around it, and this blog will be based around it as well. So then, I’m going to start by first explaining what Christianity is, for anyone who hasn't heard it before. This post will talk about the evidence for God, and a following post will talk about Our need and God's plan . Do you ever wonder why are we here? How are we here? It’s commonly taught today that the universe is the result of a big explosion, and that life just made itself, eventually evolving into all the species we have today; but what our culture doesn’t want you to know is that there is no proof for any of that. I believe there’s only one thing that explains reality: God.  Many people say the idea of God is crazy; he's just made up; he’s not actuall